Monday, December 22, 2008

A touching, inspiring Christmas Jars miracle to start your Monday

What a nice way to start Christmas week, eh? Enjoy!

(Name withheld)

I am working my usual double shift tonight, due to the cold weather I just stopped home to let my dog in for the night and on my doorstep was a giftbag with a beautiful jar with $250 worth of gift certificates inside and your book. A tag with my name but no signature had me very confused until I started to read the book.

It has been a hard year for me I am very recently divorced and fighting for child support money everyday. Besides the financial struggles I worry about my kids' emotional state through this all. I do have to admit I felt sort of embarrased when I first opened the jar, I have worked very hard lately to make enough money to buy Christmas presents for my kids and pay the bills and was very proud of myself for that. To whomever was so generous tonight, I apologize that I felt that way, I am truly grateful to you,and though I wish I knew your identity so that I may pay you back personally I promise you that I will "pay it forward". Thank you, God bless and Merry Christmas!


  1. While reading this post I could feel my lungs release a breath of Ahhhh! This is what Christmas is about folks.....Gosh I love reading these!!!!

  2. Again, I love this tradition that is still so new to my family, but I love the meaning behind it!!! It is truely awe inspiring!!! God Bless you for your CJ story and God Bless you for "paying it forward"!