Monday, December 29, 2008

And they just keep on comin'

I cannot thank you all enough for continuing to send in your Christmas Jar stories. Maybe we'll have enough to run them all year long until the 2009 stories start trickling in ;-)

(Name withheld)

Recently I acquired a part-time job to supplement my day job because I wasn't making enough to pay all my bills. I was so surprised when I went to my second job to find that someone dropped off a Christmas Jar in the office to me!!! My co-workers said that a handsome man dropped it off, I told them I didn't know any handsome men that were not married, later on they told me they didn't know who sent it. I never expected something like this!!!! I was doing okay. When I got home from work, I told my son about the Christmas Jar and we were both really excited. We dumped the jar out and counted it. Over $60.00 dollars!!! The week before three dear children came and knocked on my door, with food, gifts, and money in an envelope, when I asked who they were they told me 900 year old elves! I closed the door, when to my bedroom and cried. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to whoever sent me the Christmas Jar and the 900 year old elves!!! A co-worker from my night job now is reading Christmas Jars! and she is the kind of person who would give her last bit of food away to someone who needed it. This money, and the money from the 900 year old elves will really come in handy!!! THANK YOU!!!

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