Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Jars are about much more than dollars and cents

Merry Christmas Eve! This latest story reminds us it's not always about the money, is it? What a sweet e-mail from a new friend.

(Name withheld)

This is probably not a typical story.

Two nights ago I received a knock at my door, when I opened it there was a lady I didn't know standing there. She asked for me by name and then handed me a jar full of change and dollar bills. I didn't know what to say. She said this is for you.

There was a copy of your book with it so I sat down and read it, even though it was already 9:00 p.m. I love your book, it is great. The thing is I don't know why I got it. I live with my husband, my two sons, two nieces and my father-in-law. My husband and I both work and my oldest son is 22 and supports himself (pretty much). My father-in-law has his social security check to pay his way. We don't struggle financially nor have I ever said anything to anyone about needing money. In fact, we did two sub for Santa families this year. We have always tried to help people out. My nieces live with us because their parents are in prison and we have raised them for 6 years. They are teenagers now and we think of them as our children.

It was very humbling to receive such a gift. Receiving has always been tough for my husband and at first he felt bad, like someone didn't think he could take care of his family, but after reading the book, we decided to just pay in forward by starting our own Christmas jar for next year, and enjoy the gift we received this year to go to a family dinner, something we don't do much since there are 7 of us.


  1. Wonderful yet again!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Christmas Angel Dec. 24 2008
    2008 was hard for My parents. My mother had open heart surg in May. She was home for three weeks when she fell & broke her hip. She was in the hosp or rehab from May- Oct. except the 3 weeks @ home. Her hearing aid went out while she was in the hosp. Thanks to the x-mas angel she was able to get it fixed. We have started our 2009 jar. She also got a copy of Jason's book . We all loved it. If you have not read this book you are missing out. We will buy another one to send with our jar because my mom will not give her book up. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts & God bless..