Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two Christmas stories to brighten your day

Ready for two stories that will make you smile, but for vastly different reasons?

First, please take a moment to visit my friend Kevin Milne's blog. Read his post about their family Christmas Jar and his darling Emma's incredible gesture. Then come right back. Promise?

And now mine:

Today Kason, Koleson and I ran a guys-only errand to Walmart so I could buy some shaving cream. As we approached the door Kason (age 5) asked for change to put in the Salvation Army bucket. How can you resist the magical ding-ding of the bell and the hanging red bucket?

I emptied my pockets and came up with 85 cents. I placed it in his hand and off he went to drop it in the bucket.

He quickly caught up to us just inside the automatic doors and asked if he could play the toy crane game.

"Bud, I don't have any quarters, you just dropped them all in the bucket outside."

His eyes twinkled. "Not ALL of them," he smiled and opened his hand to reveal a single quarter.


"But you gave me a lot, Dad."

Now a good father would have marched his son back out there and watched closely as he dropped the quarter where it belonged.

I am not a good father.

I laughed, called him sneaky, and bought my shaving cream.

On the way out Kason once again asked if he could play the toy crane game. "I want to win that stuffed monkey dressed like an elf!"

"With your DIRTY quarter?" I asked.

Important aside: Kason has never won anything in the toy crane machine on his own. He always has me or one of his sisters help line up the metals claw and give him the best shot at success.

"So can I?"

"Fine. It will be a good lesson. I'm not helping."

So he put in his stolen quarter, eyeballed the target, moved the claw carefully over it, and pressed the button.

Hours later I'm telling this story and Kason is upstairs fast asleep, snuggling with a monkey dressed like an elf.

And there goes my Father of the Year Award!


  1. The cutest story!

  2. That was the SWEETEST story I have ever heard! Having a 4 and 6 year old of my own, it made me both laugh and cry! I am sure you will still get the Father of the Year award for atleast TRYING to teach him a lesson :).

  3. It certainly won't ever be forgotten! And I suppose in the long run it's the memories that count :)

  4. Isn't that the luck of things where parenting is concerned?! Where's that Andy Griffith learning moment when your trying to create it?!

    I would not worry about any Father of the Year awards, as they always go to great parents like... John Edwards! You have the right idea in just being an actual father to your kids and enjoying them! At least they have wonderful memories with you as their reward and in the end that is what they leave your house with anyways! Now he has a monkey in elf's costume to cherish thanks to you!

  5. The story you linked to brought a smile to my heart. I have been blessed with some wonderfully unselfish children myself. My kids have really caught the Christmas spirit this year. They have asked for a very special gift - NOTHING! That's right, my 4 children, ages 10,8,6 & 4 have decided, all on their own with no parental prodding, to ask Santa Claus as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends for NO PRESENTS this year. They have requested that all of the gifts instead go to boys and girls who don't have as much as we do. They decided this months ago, and honestly, I was certain that as Christmas approached, they would change their tune. But I am amazed and inspired each day when at least one of my children reminds me that they are hoping to see a Christmas tree with no presents underneath it this year! All they want are letters telling them all about the experiences that everyone had helping others this year. Every time I start to get discouraged with all of the hustle and bustle of a commercialized Christmas, I just have to remember that some people really do remember that Christ is what it's all about!

  6. By the way, in honor of my children, I have set up an online Salvation Army kettle:
    Anyone who would like to donate (and help my children have the best no-presents-under-the-tree-Christmas ever) would be welcomed!!! Thanks, Jason, for being an inspiration to us all!

  7. Veronica, sounds like you're a lucky mom. Job well done!

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