Thursday, December 25, 2008

"i don't think i will ever question God ever again"

(Name withheld)

I receive my on Decamber 23, 2008. Only to get a call from a person saying to check my front door. When I did, I discover a packege with my name on it. When i broght the packege inside I pick up the phone and they said "Marry Christmas" and hanged up.

so i open the packege and found a book in it along with a jar of money. on it had the words "The Christmas Jar" on it. when i first saw it i didn't know what to say. i just stood there looking at and thinking "is this a dream. i couldn't think of anyone i would know that would send this to me. thats kinda when i remember someting that happen on monday.

every monday i go see my great grandma in the nurcing home. we would talk for at least an hour and i would go home and do nothing. but that night i went to wal-mart just to walk around. at that time all i had was five dollars but i didn't feel like spending it. when i got bored at wal-mart i walk to get ready to go home. i was just sitting there trying to get warm before i leave. thats when i saw a lady walking up to my truck. i open the door because my window a frozen shut. and she ask for a couple of dollars because she needed money for gas.

i gave her all the money i had with me at that time. after that i left to go home. while i was driving home i prayed to God that he will take care of her. she looked like she was stress out.

i don't know what to think of this. i think it was God work in all of this. i havent been stuggling with money but more with my life with God. About a month ago i question Gods. but i didn't stop beleiving in him. i thought God had forgotten of me. i've been going to college and been having trouble with my family life because i don't feel like i'm part of the family. but ater i got my christmas jar i remember all of that and i don't think i will ever question God ever again. he's out there and it all happen with one person. who ever she is?

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