Thursday, December 25, 2008

"The money, though, is not the greatest gift of the jar."

Another Christmas Jars recipient who truly "gets it".

(Name withheld)

Just last night I walked in the door celebrating Christmas with my friends and saw my husband sitting on the couch reading a book (very unusual), my kids putting the Christmas tree back up, and a huge glass jar filled with coins on the dining room table. Only a short time before, someone rang the doorbell and was gone by the time my husband answered the door. The dogs went nuts and knocked down the Christmas tree!

I had never heard the story of the Christmas Jars before so I was confused. I looked it up online while my husband read the book. We were so moved to know someone considered us worthy of a Christmas jar. It has been a difficult Christmas with my husband out of work and our finances in a mess, but I have maintained my faith that God will provide.

The money, though, is not the greatest gift of the jar. I was brought to tears when I realized there are so many wonderful people in my life who would do something like this that I couldn't possibly guess at who it was. How awesome is that?! To know so many kind, generous & considerate people. I can literally think of dozens of possible "suspects". We are so blessed!

Thank you to our benefactor. We will now be able to follow our family tradition and see a movie on Christmas and apply the rest for bills. We will start filling it back up the day after. My kids are already on the lookout for a recipient for next year!

God bless and Merry Christmas!

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