Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"We started our jar in March"

We should all be inspired by the number of good people in the world. Kudos to this family for picking the perfect CJ recipient.

(Name withheld)

This is our first year to give a Christmas Jar and will definitely make it our yearly Dec. tradition.

We started our jar in March after I read your book that was sitting on my daughter-in-law's coffee table. Come Nov. I knew the person my husband and I would probably share with. He works in our local grocery store. I don't know much about him, other than he's probably in his 60's, always pleasant, helpful and could benefit from our jar.

Monday, Dec. 21st, my husband, whom he didn't know, walked into the store and asked the manager if this person was working. The manager, finding he had a gift, took my husband back to the break room where the chosen person and other co workers were having a snack from a Christmas spread. He let it be known that this gift, accumulated over the year, was given because he had been so helpful, cheerful, and positive to his wife for the past year. My husband told him that we had voted on who might benefit from our gift and he was chosen. He was very surprised and thankful and his last words to my husband was "tell your wife thank you".

We thought it especially nice that his boss and coworkers could hear this from appreciative customers.

Thank you, Jason, for enriching our lives!

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