Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Jars, Candy and Hugs

There's no wrong way to deliver a Christmas Jar!

Yesterday, a women who I do not know came to my door with a present. My children answered the door, and this lady came in and handed me a gift bag saying something about how her family does this each year. I was a very confused for I thought she had mistaken me for someone else. Before, she left she gave each of my children and me a hug. I didn't get a chance to ask her name. I was still in shock and I half expected for her to return for the gift explaining to me how she made a mistake. I was curious as to what was in the package so I peeked, to my surprise it was a jar full of money and some candy. Later in the evening my mom called and I explained the event to her which she then explained that I had been the recipient of a Christmas Jar! I have never read the novel but I think I will and very soon.

I want to tell the women and her family, thank you for the Christmas Jar, it will truly help this Christmas season. We hope to pay it forward to some else in need. Thank you for spreading the true meaning of Christmas with your act of kindness and love! Merry Christmas!!!

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