Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Jars miracle so wonderful I literally couldn't wait to post it

This latest Christmas Jars story was so lovely and well written I simply could not wait until tomorrow to post it. I've read it three times and gotten teary each time. I know, I'm such a softie. (Be sure to read today's other CJ story below this post.)

(Name withheld)

I've often wondered how a person repays kindness. I know now...with a Christmas Jar.

As a young mother with 4 small children I struggled for years to make it from day to day. There were many times when I had to depend on the generous good will of the Salvation Army and other food banks in my area to provide nourishment for my children.

My children are grown now and my life has been blessed in ways I never thought were possible.

A little over a year ago I started my Christmas jar. Everyday I deposited my spare change into the jar. Those deposits became an opportunity for me to concentrate on how thankful I was for all that had been given to me each day.

Tonight as I prepared to hand my jar full of blessings off to someone else I reflected on my year of blessings. Even on the not so good days there was something to be thankful for.

Before leaving home this evening I said a quite prayer asking God to lead me to the person He intended to receive the Christmas Jar.

I drove 6 miles from my home to Harrisburg, PA without a plan or a specific destination in mind. All that was certain to me is that I would know who it was when I saw them.

In the parking lot of Toys R Us I found her. My heart started beating harder than Thumpers foot the second I realized who was getting the jar. The thought of approaching a complete stranger in a parking was both exciting and scary.

With one deep breath and a pull of the door handle and made my move.

"Hi, I would like to give this jar to you for Christmas."

"Are you kidding me," the woman said.

"No, Merry Christmas."

"Wow," she said, "Merry Christmas to you too."

As fast as that it was over.

I returned to my car where my daughter was waiting, and as soon as the door was closed we both began to cry.

As if a year full of blessings wasn't already enough, God blessed me again tonight. And tomorrow? A new jar begins.


  1. Wow! That's amazing and wonderful. I love reading all of your CJ stories!!

  2. This was a wonderful story. I read all Of the CJ stories as they are posted and have gotten teary eyed in the process but this one actually had me with tears running down my face. God bless this family~

  3. This is the note I left inside the christmas jar I am leaving at someone's doorstep in a few days.
    Christmas Jar

    It isn’t much,
    Spare change really;
    Coins tossed in a drawer
    Or in a jar for later use;
    The kind I used to hear
    Jingle in my Daddy’s pocket
    As he reached in
    To buy me a soda pop
    On a Saturday afternoon.

    These are the things that linger;
    Like the smells of
    A Thanksgiving dinner,
    Long after a prayer;
    Through every corner
    Of the house,
    After the dishes have been put away
    And the family settles in for a long night’s slumber;
    When you can finally rest your head
    From a long day of labor.

    Now, as the holidays are upon us,
    Let the jingle bring a momentary smile;
    Like the sound of tiny reindeer
    To a child immersed in a Christmas dream;
    Warmth to the heart of a mother,
    Knowing another day is spent together,
    As it seems the hardships go on forever,
    But there is always love no matter
    The consequence that life deals out;
    Hope when there seems only despair.

    And so, from our family to yours;
    We wish you a blessed Merry Christmas; a Happy New Year!

    I already know the family who will be getting this jar. I know that the mother has several young children at home and a mother she is caring for who has cancer. The one son has had bouts of health problems and is facing surgery. I know it's not much, but I have been blessed with a beautiful family with healthy boys. Letting someone know you care and offering a little hope is worth so much more. Thank you Jason for bringing home this fact through your writing. God Bless!

  4. Dale, this is awesome! I'm going to post on the front page :)

  5. I always spend so much time agonizing about who to leave my jar too ... the answer is simple really, isn't it?

  6. I am so glad to discover this site--I received a Christmas jar this year, and I am still trying to process all the feeling that have come up as a result. I am astonished by the kindness, the selflessness, and the generosity it was beyond anything I have really experienced, but it was so much more poignant beyond that-- Im still trying to find words for my feelings...