Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Keep 'em coming! Yet another Christmas Jars story

(Name withheld)

Last year we as an office decided we would collect change and start our own Christmas jar. We are a pediatric office and come across many deserving recipients. This year we chose a little girl who needed a "new" heart.

She was a normal health baby girl at birth, when she was around 10 months old they discovered she had a sever heart condition and needed a heart transplant. She underwent several surgeries and spend many many months in the hospital. The little girl also had 2 big brothers at home. Her sweet devoted parents tried to cover all their bases by caring for the boys at home and this sweet baby at the hospital.

Over the course of several months, we collected a great Christmas jar. All the employees contributed, and we were even able to share this experiance with our own family and children. All who thought of this little girl as their "special baby". We got together as an office and in the third week of December we delivered the jar on the doorsteps and watched the mom pick up the jar with tears in her eyes.

Then the best Christmas gift ever was given... On December 23rd the parents got the call that they had a heart for this sweet baby!

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