Monday, December 22, 2008

A Monday two-fer of Christmas Jars stories

How about you? Have you given away your jar yet? Please visit to tell us about it!

(Name withheld)

Our Dad reads to us each night and we call that time "Dad's Story". One book he read to us this year was the Christmas Jar after our Mom got it from TOFW!

We thought it would be a fun idea to make our own Christmas Jar this year! We decorated a dill pickle jar with Christmas stickers and started filling it up with spare change and the occasional dollar bill. We started in February and have had a great time seeing our jar fill up.

When we decided it was time to deliver our jar, just for fun we counted the money and were surprised by the amount that was contained therein! Then everyone added more raising the total to an awesome amount! We also included a copy of your fabulous book "The Christmas Jar".

We chose a family in our neighborhood who we knew didn't have a lot of money this year and needed help with their Christmas.

Getting ready to and actually delivering our Christmas Jar was the best!!!! Mom and Dad planned out the route ahead of time, so we knew our escape plan before we left to deliver the goods. We were decked out in balaclavas and dark clothes. Some of us thought it felt like a criminal operation, while the rest thought we were being silly. All still agreed that it was fun. Mom was the lookout posted to tell us when the jar had been picked up. Dad was driving the getaway vehicle and we were able to escape without being seen!

We loved the feeling it gave each of us to participate in saving the money and then delivering it to someone we knew would need it. Can't wait to start next year's!!!!


  1. Wonderful! It is a truely wonderful experience to be a part of the CJ tradition isn't? May you be blessed and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. I can't wait to give away my family's jar this year. It is inspiring to see just what an impact these simple jars have on people's lives. The impact probably goes much deeper than anyone ever realizes.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading all of these peoples experiences. It really brings out the meaning of Christmas.