Thursday, December 25, 2008

A family of Christmas Jars givers!

A family affair. So sweet!

(Name withheld)

The big day had come! It was time to finally select the recipient of our First Christmas Jar. I think I was the most excited in my family. We were going to go out as soon as my daughter got home from work. I placed a bow on the jar, added a crisp $20 to the top of the jar and wrote a quick note in the front of a new "Christmas Jars" book. I was ready!

Then I got the phone call, "Mom, the girl who was supposed to cover the second shift didn't show up. I have to stay to close." Needless to say, I was disappointed. Our quest for the perfect recipient would have to wait till tomorrow.

At around 11am this morning, my 16-year-old daughter, 6-year-old son and I set out on our journey. We drove around our town looking for the right person. We made a rule, that all of us had to agree on the person who was to get our jar. After 45 minutes and no luck, my son asked if we could go to lunch first and then find our person. I said, that was a good idea, but we would try one more place on our way to lunch.

That was when we saw her. I knew instantly that she needed to get our jar. My daughter agreed. We pulled over in the parking lot and were getting ready to get out of the car when my son said, "I thought we all had to agree." He was right, that is what we said. How do you convince a 6 year old that this was "the one"? Somehow my daughter managed to do it, although my son still didn't seem happy.

The three of us got out of the car and approached the woman. She was putting her bags into her car. We handed her a bag with our jar and the book and told her that we thought this might help brighten her holiday. She couldn't stop hugging and thanking us. She said that we were her angels. We wished her a Merry Christmas and walked back to our car.

I was crying and I swear my 16 year olds eyes were watery (though she would never admit it). It was then that this little voice from the back seat said, "Mom, that was the right person." My daughter and I looked at each other and I cried some more knowing that we did something special today.

Thank you for sharing your book and this experience with my family. I will cherish the memories from our trip today, forever. Merry Christmas!

PS: As we put our son to sleep last night after a hectic day of present opening and family visits, we asked him what his favorite part of Christmas was. I figured it would be one of the many football jersey he received, but I was wrong. He said it was giving away our jar. How is it that young children can see the real meaning of Christmas so clearly? That was the best Christmas gift I ever received. He made me so proud.

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  1. This is a perfect example of the meaning of the Christmas Jar to me. It is the true spirit of Christmas as exemplified and seen through the eyes of a child. It is what the child will do for others with the knowledge he has. I do not think anyone can read this story and doubt that this particular little child will forever build and give Christmas Jars, following a pattern set by another child who was born, grew, lived, and even died to serve others.