Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Jars angel strikes again!

This seriously never gets old, does it? Tick-tock, get those stories in!

(Name withheld)

I read your book last year at Christmas and it became one of my top ten favorites, I read it in one sitting. I passed it around to many women in my Bible study class, as well as at work and to my family. It has been a tough year in many ways this year. My husband hasn't worked much this year and I took a new job that cut my pay slightly, enough to feel a difference. In addition I went back to school, which added to our money strife. We live in a seriously tiny apartment and are newly married, so there are many ingredients to our meager means at times. The end of this year has gotten tighter and tighter and we have found various ways to be more frugal. For instance making the few Christmas gifts we are giving away this year, totaling about $.50 per gift.

But the greatest gift of all was the Christmas jar we were given. We don't know how much is in it yet, but the amount will be very helpful towards groceries and gas none the less. We are so thankful for our jar, and will be starting our own jar no matter what this year. Thank you for your amazing inspirational book and for showing there is love in the hearts of Americans.

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