Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"It really was a great closure for my Christmas Holiday"

I love random parking lot giveaways!

(Name withheld)

My friend gave me the book and a starter jar with some change, last Christmas. I don't really have change very often because I charge most everything. But my jar was about 3/4 full then I added more to fill it up. I had fun trying how to decide when and where to give it away. The Tues. before Christmas I parked in front of a strip mall with a dollar store, Good Will, and a rental store, I saw a father with a toddler on his shoulders and another child/son about 12. He looked like a loving father. He was getting in the car, I walked up to jim gave him the jar (it was in a plain bag. I turned and walked away, He said thanks then yelled THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I just felt really good and I thought if you have children you can always use some extra change. I felt so good and it really was a great closure for my Christmas Holiday.

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