Sunday, December 21, 2008

Double feature Sunday: Another Christmas Jars tear-jerker

Just in moments ago. I hope the giver of this family's jar comes back and reads this. You've changed their lives and I know you'll be blessed for it. This, dear readers, is what Christmas is all about.

(Name withheld)

I am still left speechless. I came home from church and was fussing around the house. Got a hard knock at my door but no one was there. When we opened up the door saw a man running from my house to his car that was parked outside in front of my neighbor. I quickly came to the door to see a small bag at the front door. Truly baffeled I brought the bag inside to find a large jar painted with christmas colors and a book. The jar was painted as to not see inside. With no note or anything other than the book I was even more baffeled. When I opened up the jar there was $10 bill on top and was full of silver change. Later came find out was more money inside mixed inside the change. I had to laugh though a little cause the paint on the jar was still wet (LOL). This truly came to my family as a blessing with all we have dealt with this over the last year. My thoughts and prayers go to the anonymous person(s). The truly have blessed me in being able to provide my children a holiday.

PS: This has truly blessed my family in more ways then I could ever begin to describe. As the holidays quickly approach I felt more and more uncertain that would be able to allow my kids a holiday. This blessing has done just what I thought I would not be able to. We have struggled for most of this year with me being able to only work part time due to my one child special needs. I am left hours later still speechless of the gift someone shared with my family. It is more then the aspect of the money but the genorisity and thought shown to my family.

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  1. Beautiful! I love this season and the meaning behind the CJs!!!!