Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Asked God to deliver me safely"

What an angel! I know God was listening and answered your prayers. You'll be blessed!

(Name withheld)

I gave away our family Christmas Jar tonight. I picked out a family about a month ago...I heard about them through a friend of mine. She was collecting items for their kids to deliver on Christmas I just told her she could deliver the jar with the gifts. Right at the time I was planning to drive to her house I got a phone call that the weather was terrible in that town and not to go. I cried and cried. I had so looked forward to "delivering" the jar! I just didn't want Christmas to pass without giving out our very first Christmas Jar! I was determined, so I said a prayer and asked God to deliver me safely. I told Him that I would listen to Him and if He wanted me to turn around to give me a sign. I felt tingles through my body and knew that that was what I should be looking for. I made it there and back home safe and sound. I know that our Christmas Jar will be delivered tomorrow night and I hope that the family enjoys our note and your book as much as we did!

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