Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Jar Story: 'We are forever grateful'

(Name withheld)

Our second child was born in June. Two months later, I began having minor complications "leftover" from delivery. As of date, I've had two surgeries and one more scheduled. On top of all of the medical bills, I am paying for school for my Masters degree. Our heater went out and we had a $1000 bill for that. Needless to say, we were taking a serious look at our budget. We wanted to be able to do Christmas for our two boys and a birthday for our oldest born in December. Our coworkers (we both teach at the same school) put together a fast Christmas Jar to help us out this month. The Christmas Jar and Reunion books were both included. I read both books in one week and absolutely loved them. We are so humbled and blessed by our coworkers' thoughtfulnes. Right away, we got a jar of our own and started it so that it will be full by next year. I can't wait to do this tradition with my boys as they get older. We are forever grateful to our wonderful "family" at work and will never forget their generosity.

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