Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Jar Story: 'Bless you back'

As I've said, I have received more CJ stories than I have time to post. Hope to slowly catch up.

Houston, TX:

Christmas Eve 2009:

Discovered a mason jar filled with coins in the back of my work truck. No note or anything, just written on the lid.

To the person who blessed me with this, thank you very much. Everybody knows times are getting tough lately, and my wife and I appreciate your kindness and generosity very much.

Bless you back.


  1. Thats really good news to have "too many" stories, yeah!

    I am getting my jar ready today and cleaning out the bottom of my excited!

  2. My husband bought two of your books for me for Christmas: Christmas Jars and Christmas Jars Reunion. I'm reading the second one now. I have never heard about this until now. We are starting our own Christmas Jar this new year and hope to bless someone with it next Christmas! I've also posted your link on FB and am going to do a post on my blog. Have a blessed New Year!