Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Jar Story: 'We lost our home friday night to fire''

Every Christmas Jar story is special, but this one really stands out, doesn't it? To whomever gave this jar, I add my thanks to Dan and Jody's.

Dayton, Ohio

Hello, My name is Dan and my wife is Jody. We lost our home friday night to fire it was so devastating to us because we have five children who lost everything they had, we just had triplets and when we were sitting there watching our house burn to the ground all I could think about is what are we going to do then we started getting calls one right after the other with total strangers wanting to help, while we were staying at a friends house someone left a christmas jar on there back step in the middle of the night along with your book, you cant imagine the warm feelings that this made me feel, its amazing the way the community has took us in and made this so much easier.

thank you

Dan & Jody


  1. What a nice thing to read. We will start our own Christmas Jar this year ourselves. And pass along the book too.

  2. It's after Christmas, and I imagine people are beginning to take the tree down, pack up the lights and get back to their "old" lives. I just found this blog, and I'm weeping at the number of people who have touched the lives of strangers without expecting anything in return. I need to come back to this blog once a week -- I am determined to keep Christmas in my heart, as Dickens would say, all the year long. Thank you so much for this boost to the spirit. Our family will be starting next year's Christmas jar tonight.