Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Jar Story: The definition of sheer joy

(Name withheld)

I received a Christmas Jar!!! I'd never heard the story but am anxious to read the book as I was also gifted with the book!

For about a year and a half I'd worked in a particular office. As office-mates we share life stories. My story includes financial struggles (separated for years from now former spouse, single-parenting all along, etc.). I was recently blessed with a new position that includes a substantial increase in pay (that I was not searching for but God knew what I needed, as always). I thought I could use my vacation pay for Christmas gifts for my kids but when I discovered that vacation pay is released after the last check with any actual hours worked I knew those funds would come after the holiday.

Well my coworkers know I have a daughter in her Master's Program at The Ohio State University, and two sons, a sophomore at a local community college, and a 12-year old 7th grader. Its the youngest that I was obviously most concerned with providing gifts for on Christmas morning. My two older kids are incredibly supportive and loving and understanding so giving them a "late" Christmas was acceptable for them. My youngest said the words but come Christmas morning, I'm sure he would have been feeling somewhat differently (I remember being 12!).

The day before leaving for my new position my coworkers did a pot-luck and terrific food and I found a Christmas Jar on my desk! Of course, NO one claims it. They say whoever provided it "must have been pretty sneaky" because they didn't see them leave it.

That Christmas Jar has so many coins in it!! Most of which are quarters and there are even many folding monies in there!! And they also gave me a hard-back copy of the book "Christmas Jars." Of course, I cried! I think its one of the best Christmas gifts I or my family has ever received! And I cannot wait to tell my kids all about how God provided for them through others in this wonderful way :)

God is good all the time! And ALL the time, GOD is GOOD!!! :)


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