Sunday, January 11, 2009

Short, sweet, miraculous

(Name withheld)

On Christmas Eve 2008 me and my family recieved a jar with money in it. A book was on the top of it. Me and my family was in need of the money and it was just enough to pay an over due electric bill. I feel that this was a miracle because if we hadnt recieved the jar our electric could have been shut off. Thank you for the gift and I have more respect for mankind now.


  1. Wow! I love these Christmas Jars stories! That book was brilliant! By the way, I thought it was incredible that you commented on my blog. If I had known that you would read my post I would have tried to make it a better one. And I maybe wouldn't have mentioned how inexpensive the book was. I honestly don't understand why they weren't sold out! That's partly why I wanted to talk about it, I very seldom find books that hook me from beginning to end. And I loved the music theme, the back and forth from past to present, the information about Katrina, everything! You really are a very talented writer and thank you for using your talents to change lives. Like mine.

  2. Thanks Sharla for making my day! And don't worry one bit, the book has not done as well as we hoped, so lots of folks have it sale. It happens :(

    Keep in touch, please?