Thursday, January 1, 2009

"May God bless us everyone"

That title says it all.

(Name withheld)

After reading the book last year, well, I just had to start one. The thought all year was so much fun of who will the Lord send my way to give the jar to. It did not take long with the shortage of funds in the world today. So, I heard of a lady working at an $8.00 per hour job, 3 kids, had to move back home with her mother and father due to a divorce. I just had to give it to her, my friend Matt on his way to work dropped it off on the front porch along with baking products. now I know that I did not get to had the jar to any one, but the picture in my mind of her opening the gift is such a wonderful blessing. Sharing this book with co-workers and family has started a new tradition with many, many new jars for next year. MAY GOD BLESS US EVERYONE.

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