Thursday, January 8, 2009

"It was one of the best, most unforgettable moments of my life"

Truly one of the rare emails that has brought a tear to my eye every time I've read it. This woman represents goodness (and Godliness) in every sense.

(Name withheld)

A friend gave me the book for Christmas. I loved every sentence and couldn't put it down. I realized I already had a jar of change that I had been collecting and was overflowing. So I packed it up and set out yesterday to give it to someone. I asked God to guide me to the person.

My first stop was breakfast. I am addicted to the cheese eggs at Waffle House. I have seen a homeless man that sleeps under the bridge right next door. I had planned to give it to him. He was not there that day.

I went about my day's errands and took my dog for a long walk at the Chatahoochee River trail. I ran into a man who found a set of keys someone had dropped. I thought, "Oh, that poor person and asked St. Anthony (He's the patron saint of lost objects) to help reconnect this person with their keys. When the man got to the end of the trail, he hung the keys on a hook on a post by the parking lot.

I went to my car and said hello to the lady standing beside her car that was parked right next to mine. She was looking for something and told me she had lost her keys. I told her that someone found a set and walked her over to where the keys hung on the post. Sure enough, they were her keys. She was so relieved.

We chatted for awhile and during our conversation she mentioned that she had hit hard financial times. That's when I remembered my Christmas Jar in the back seat.

I said I have something for you, a little jar to help ease your burden. As she took the jar from my hands, we both wiped away a few tears and said goodbye. It was one of the best, most unforgettable moments of my life. It was all preordained - orchestrated by God and I reaped the reward of a heart full of joy. Thank you for writing an amazing book, Jason.

I already passed the book along to my sister-in-law and she has started a Christmas jar. I am committed to keeping the Christmas Jar going for as long as I live.

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