Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Books for Life Contest Update

My agent will probably accuse me of not getting enough sleep on tour, but I've come up with a fun idea for a new contest. I've decided to give away signed copies of my first four books plus a free copy of every book I write for the rest of my career!

Three winners will be chosen at random on November 1st and all three will receive a signed and personalized copy of The James Miracle, Christmas Jars, The Wednesday Letters and Recovering Charles.

But wait! As Billy Mays says, "That's not all!" All three winners will also receive a free copy of every book I ever write in both hardcover and paperback.

How do you enter?

STEP 1: Send your friends and family an email referring them to

STEP 2: In that email, invite your friends and family to join our list on the front page so they can learn more about the novels, win prizes, and hear Cherie Call's new song "Love Me If You Can". All for free!

STEP 3: Instruct your friends to enter YOUR name as their "referrer" in the field at the very bottom. (picture of sign-up form as shown above)

For every person who joins our list and enters YOUR name, you'll receive one entry in the drawing. Simple enough?

Refer 5 people to the list who join; receive 5 entries in the drawing. Refer 100 people who join and you'll be entered 100 times in the drawing. It's as simple as that. The more people who accept your invitation to join our community, the more chances you have to win.

Remember, the deadline is November 1st to refer those friends. And of course once your friends are on the list, they can enter too!

Did you miss our last drawing of this kind? Click here to watch it here.


Hi friends! I'm participating in a contest to win free books for life. An author named Jason Wright has a new book in stores with a beautiful theme song by songwriter Cherie Call. It's about second verses in your life and I know you'll love it!

You can hear it for free right now at

I hope you'll visit the site and join his email list. He won't SPAM you (I promise!) and you'll be the first to hear about events, contests, and even get sneak peeks at his manuscripts.

And be sure to check out his latest contest and enter MY name as your referrer when you sign up! That's how I hope to win his books for life :)


  1. I'm a HUGE fan and would give my right arm...ok my first born son....Would you settle for a freshly baked plate of white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies, for an autographed copy of "Recovering Charles"...and are you KIDDING????.....every book from here on in????

    I want to participate but live in Australia, do I have a chance of winning this???


  2. But of course! Everyone is eligible :) (Except kangaroos)

  3. I'm a huge fan, too, and I only live a few miles away, so I could even pick up the books directly from you!!!! Loved "Christmas Jars" and "The Wednesday Letters" and thank you again for signing them for me. Also, thanks for signing the ones I gave as gifts. Looking forward to seeing you again next week at your book signing in Woodstock, VA.
    Your Valley friend, Mary Sue

  4. Hey again....I am ready to email my hundreds of friends and send them to the site HOWEVER, I don't see a place for them to put my name in so I get credited entries for MY prize. Am I missing something? Is there another tab I should have them click on?


  5. I'm on it...I just sent an email to everyone on my list...that's about a hundred I think! :0)

    Kim P.

  6. Exactly where do we have our friends go to sign up for this? I don't see any place with a spot for who referred them. Am I missing something? So, is there a link on your website ("invite a friend" - kind of thing) or do I just send emails and tell everyone to go to your site to sign up? Please let me know exactly what I need to do, because I will be so sad if I miss out on my chance to enter!!!!! Thanks tons!

  7. Wendy and Veronica, I'll post some directions on this site and my regular site shortly. But it's very simple. When you have your friends sign up they enter in YOUR name in the referrer field. Good luck!

  8. I feel so silly! I finally see my mistake, why I was so confused! When you go to the website, there is a spot to put in your email address to join the mailing list - but nothing else. (That's where I was confused, I didn't see the space to put in the referrer's name or anything.) But, silly me, I didn't remember that when you click on the "join" button after inputting your email address, it automatically takes you to a page to fill in all of your other information (including the referrer)! So now I can email all of my friends!! I wonder if I'm the only ditzy one who was confused by this.....

  9. Hey Jason, greetings from Harpers Ferry, WV. I just join in the effort for the "free books for life". Just a little support from your friends back here in the ward. Thanks again for coming to see us and sharing the "inside peek" to the new book. Oh, this is Amy the one on the left in black from our picture with my Twin sis...see your posting from the past :-) here in Harpers Ferry. I look forward to reading the new one.

  10. Hi Amy! So good to hear from you again. Of course I remember you :)

    How are things in WV? I hear they're making progress on the addition to the church?