Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it really September 16th already?

Seems like just last week I was locked up in a Holiday Inn Express cranking through Recovering Charles as my deadline barreled down on me. Now here we are just 5 short months later on release day.

Can you say, stressed?

I often get asked what it feels like on the day a new book hits store shelves. I usually say it feels like giving birth. Then my wife, if she's standing nearby, elbows me sharply in the ribs and says "You have no clue what you're talking about..." And, as usual, she's probably right.

Maybe it's like dating a woman for a long time and facing the moment of truth: The proposal. There you are on one knee in Central Park, or on the beach, or in a hot air balloon, or in a department store (that was me, true story). You've waited for this big moment. It's a huge commitment. You know she likes you, but will she love you? You're about to put it all on the line, to open yourself up more than you ever have to acceptance or rejection. Will she say yes? If she does it's bliss. If she doesn't, well, it stinks.

Or maybe it's nothing like that at all.

Maybe it's more like opening a restaurant. On opening night you know you'll have a big crowd. But will they like your entrees? Will the chocolate lava cake be lava-ey enough? You've worked so hard for this big day. If they like it, you know they'll tell their friends and come back. If not, well, you'll never cook in this town again.

Or maybe it's nothing like that at all.

Maybe it's like giving birth...

In any case, pick your analogy and then pick up a copy of Recovering Charles online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your local bookstore. And most importantly, come back and tell me what you think. Good, bad or indifferent.

Now excuse me while I get my gown on. Contractions are just two minutes apart...


  1. I have a feeling that after your books are out for three or four years, they don't cut their own feminine hair to the scalp to look like their older brother. I also doubt that they color all over the walls. While the emotional drama of writing a book I won't know for some time, giivng birth I can relate to. I think your car, carpet and pet are all better off if you write books.

  2. oh, and congrats on the release... it's gonna be great!!! I'm reading Christmas Jars (which I got at TOFW after meeting you, cause you're cool like that) and it's really entertaining.

  3. Blast me from the past! I heard a familiar name and voice this morning on Glenn Beck. I was on the road so I called Andrea to make sure it was really you, but I knew it was.

    Through the years I have tried to figure out how to reach you, to no avail. I was never really sure where you had moved after you guys went to Oregon.

    I have many fine memories of walking across 100 East to see what you you and Kodi and Cassie were up to. For a long time I had a couple of LaVell Edwards' 200th win T-shirts to remind me of those great times. I think that you and Kodi were our first friends that we made together as newlyweds.

    I am glad to see you are doing well. You were always shooting for the stars, and I wasn't surprised to hear you on national radio.

    I can see that you have a really busy schedule, but I would love to hear from you & catch up. You can email me directly at jason@hainsworth.biz. I would love to chat with you on the phone.

    BTW we just were down in Brazil for the Curitiba Temple Dedication. We did go to Brasilia and Manaus, but sadly missed Belo. Ai carumba.

    We'll get caught up with the books now that we know about them. If you follow the link you'll find Andrea' blog, that will help you catch up with us a little, in case you are curious.

    Once again, congrats on the new book. It sounds great.

    Jason Hainsworth

  4. just met you on glenn beck's tv show minutes ago. went to your website, listened to the song, was moved to choking back some tears, signed up for your email list, came here...and my next step will be your book(s)...i'm looking forward to that point! thank you so much for even this much!! i'll comment again :) (p.s. my only access right now is my myspace page...as soon as i can, i'll have your song on there if it's ok and a link to you)