Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greetings from New York and a Glenn Beck update

What a crazy 24 hours! I'm so tired I actually fell asleep this afternoon in the back of the car that drove me from Manhattan to my hotel in Long Island. I haven't done since I rode in a car seat! Wow, I am getting way too old for this...

Last night's signing was great fun. There was a moment I looked around the bookstore (Borders in the Time Warner Building) and couldn't believe I was actually there. I remember once going into that store during a visit to CNN. It was long before my books were available nationally and I wondered if I'd ever be able to buy my book there. Then last night I was reading from my books and signing them. Surreal.

You might have watched Glenn Beck last night and noticed I wasn't on. Sorry! I meant to post a note that we only taped yesterday, the actual interview will air Thursday at 7PM and 9PM EST. With all the financial news dominating the landscape they thought it was best to hold the segment a day or two. So tune in tomorrow!

Finally, I am pleased to present Episode 2 of Jason's Cheesy Web Diary. Live from New York, it's Jason on Times Square!

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