Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Winding down from Peru

Terribly sorry I haven't been able to post more during our trip. Internet access was actually OK most of the time, but I simply didn't have much time to sit and breathe, much less write!

Right now I am sitting in the amazing lobby of the Libertador Hotel in Cusco. It's a fantastic hotel by any standards. I'll try to post video later.

We leave in an hour for the airport to return to Lima. We'll spend the day seeing the sights before heading for the airport this evening and flying home at about midnight. I'll be home in VA in time to greet my kids as they get off the bus tomorrow. Can't wait! I've missed them terribly.

So many unforgettable memories from this trip. People and images I will never forget. I promise to post more - including photos - when I'm home.

Quick not about the panda. I take him everywhere I travel and always send back pictures of his adventures to my wife and kids. In this case, of course, just the kids. This panda has seen his share of excitement, that's for sure! In this pic, Panda is sitting atop the west side of the ruins at Macchu Picchu overlooking the river.

More soon.


  1. Airport security must love you hauling a stuffed panda all over.

  2. That is so cute!! I was kinda confused at first. I didn't think there were Pandas in Peru!

    My husband and I almost kidnapped my brother's garden Gnome last year to take on vacation with us. We did kidnap him, but decided we'd probably break him on our trip, so we left him at home. The whole trip we moaned over what great pictures we could have taken with it. Great idea!!!