Saturday, May 31, 2008

L.A., B.E.A., and T.I.R.E.D.

Well that was a nice break at home! Kodi and I returned Wednesday evening, recovered Thursday, and Friday morning I got up at 4:00 to head back to the airport for a flight to L.A. for the annual Book Expo America show. It's the Super Bowl of book conventions with authors, publishers, movie reps, agents, etc.

Quite a few awards are given out dring the week, and we just learned that The Wednesday Letters won the Ben Franklin Award for Audio Book of the Year in the fiction category. Congrats to Art Allen! He's the actor who did the audio performance.

Yesterday I met with folks from Penguin about their paperback plans for The Wednesday Letters. They've got big plans for the August 26th release and it will be interesting to see how they differ in distribution and PR from my hardcover publisher. It's all such a fantastic learning experience.

Today's my official signing of the advance reader copies of Recovering Charles. (1:00-2:00 PM, if you're at BEA) I look forward to hearing reactions from folks; it's always a bit nerve wracking! You can count on about 8 fingers the number of people who've read the book thus far, but that will change in a hurry after today and it's pins and needles waiting to hear feedback.

Finally, I have to post two pictures from Peru. Kodi took these and they might be my favorite from the whole trip. The first was taken as we approached Machu Picchu, the second from just inside the ruins. I love the tree in the second photo. Looks like the tree of life, eh?

I'll be posting many more on my Facebook page if you're interested.

More soon!


  1. Wow those pictures are awesome! Kodi did great! People will love your book just like I did! No worries! Congrats on the award too, without you writing the book that guy who did the audio wouldn't have won!

  2. Thanks! She's got a great eye for pics, no doubt about it.

    Good point about the audio, but he still sounded better than I would. I'm always accused of sounding like a 12-year old. :-)

  3. What a surprise to wander over to your blog to hear about your BEA adventures and then see pics of a Peru/Machu Picchu trip! Brings back a ton of memories. I did a summer exchange program there a million years ago when I was 17. I lived in Lima with a great Peruvian family for that summer, and at the end we toured Cusco and Machu Picchu. Did you get a chance to climb to the top of Huayna Picchu? Now that was incredible!

    Congratulations on all the great success with your books, etc. I'm inspired!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a fun trip. My sis in law went to peru a couple of years ago and loved it. I'd love to see it sometime. But India first! :)

  5. Hey! I don't get to hear about Peru too often - only in movies or TV shows when people want to mean 'someone is really REALLY far away and they won't EVER come back' - it's so nice! I'm from Peru and you guys are right, it is a beautiful place! My husband and I went there on May and he LOVED it (sorry I might be overusing the caps here... woops! I just get too carried away when I hear someone talking about Peru...)

    Post more pictures! I wrote a few posts about my trip after I came back, even my husband guest-blogged about his experience down there. It is always nice to know that foreigners enjoy their time spent there :-)

    You just made my day!

  6. It is wonderful, isn't it? I wish everyone could go once in a lifetime!