Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thanks San Diego!

What a week! I'm frantically trying to get packed and ready to leave for Peru on Wednesday morning. I'll try to check in from the road; we'll see how well I'm able to connect.

My wife Kodi is coming along this year. Thank goodness for grandmothers! Kodi's mom has flown in to watch our four little vandals while we're gone.

Also, I'm embarrassed it's taken me so long to say this, but thanks, thanks, thanks to the many wonderful women who attended the Time Out for Women conference in San Diego last weekend. We had such a great time and I fell in love with your fantastic city.

Most of all I'm so glad I able to see my Aunt Annabelle and crazy Cousin Cheryl. (pictured) Thanks for coming! It's always nice to look out at a crowd of 1,000 faces and see one or two you actually recognize :)

San Diego was my last event of the TOFW spring schedule. This fall I look forward to meeting thousands more wonderful folks in Nashville, Sacramento, Portland, San Antonio, Springfield, and St. Louis.

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