Sunday, April 27, 2008

A rare Sunday at home and the rise of self-publishing

It seems I'm hardly home anymore on Sundays to attend church in my own branch (congregation). So despite some very unfortunate drama between primary and relief society today (don't you love church drama?), it was nice to be among friends and wake up this morning in my own bed.

I often get asked about self-publishing. In fact, it's one of the most common questions I get at signings, speeches, etc. What are the pros? Cons? Have I had any experience with it?

I've never self-published myself, but I know quite a bit about the process from my previous life when I worked in politics and my former think-tank published a couple of books with iUniverse, a very popular print-on-demand publisher.

Today I stumbled across this article in the NYT and I thought it might be worth passing along. It answers a lot of common questions about the process and offers some fascinating numbers on the growth of the industry.

Click here to read.


  1. There was drama on Sunday?!? I miss everything in the Nursery...although sometimes - as in this case - it's not necessarily a bad thing :Op

  2. Oh, NOW you're talking to me??? No phone calls to take??? ;-)

    Let's just say it wasn't pretty. But it happens, unfortunately.