Thursday, April 10, 2008

34 hours to go, but who's counting?

I'm waaaaay behind schedule today. I awoke in my hotel room after a late night of writing with guilt because I had Idol Gives Back on the television in the background. (But not so guilty I didn't hoot and holler for Miley, mind you.)

Yesterday I'd promised my girls I'd sneak them into the hotel for the freebie breakfast and take them to school. So I raced home. (Yeah yeah, I know, that still sounds weird, raced home from a hotel room 1.5 miles from my front door.) They were eagerly awaiting me.

We drove back to the hotel, did a Mission Impossible entrance into the lobby and ate breakfast together. Laughs were had, cinnamon rolls were eaten, milk was spilled. Good times.

Then I dropped them off at school and returned to my home away-from-home for my last full day of writing.

Manuscript is due by email tomorrow by 7:00 PM, EST. And that, my friends, is why I picked a publisher out west. Every hour counts!


  1. It's pretty wild that you're suddenly blogging so much, now that your deadline is looming before you. . . : ) I guess if you're in the zone, might as well let those fingers fly!

  2. Just keep saying
    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

  3. How fun for the girls to have breakfast with dad! Now back to work! I can't wait to read the teaser!

  4. Yes, they had a ball. And they've enjoyed the updates on the blog. Which answers the first comment above :)