Monday, February 11, 2008

Checking in from the road

And I thought the first part of 2008 would be LESS busy! So far this year I've been in nine airports: Dulles, San Francisco, Oakland, Atlanta, Reno, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Charlotte and New Orleans. And it's only February 11th! Oh, and we'll add one more this week, Indianapolis.

There's not much new to report. The events thus far have been fantastic. I've met the most amazing people! It's by far the most rewarding aspect of my life as a writer. Writing is just gravy, it's meeting and getting to know readers that really jazzes me.

The new book is coming along slowly but surely. I've conned my way into a later deadline (April) and I'm confident I can make it. Of course I said that last time and had to extend three times :)

Are you an eBayer? I've got a watch for sale right now that you might enjoy bidding on. Or at least reading the description.