Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it really December?

I woke up, opened my laptop, and had to shake my head a couple times when I saw November 30th on my screen. Where did November go??? For that matter, where did October and September go?

So anyone who's ever heard me speak has probably heard me tell the story of Sherri Durkin. She's a wonderful woman from Tennessee who miraculously received a Christmas Jar last year. It was an answer to her prayers, and it's one of the neatest stories I've heard since Christmas Jars came out over two years ago.

Well now Sherri is telling the story herself! She's featured in the latest issue of First Magazine, available on newsstands everywhere. (Wal-Mart is a good bet to have lots on the rack.) It's the December 24 issue and it has Martina McBride on the cover. Please pick it and learn more about this fantastic woman and her Christmas Jar miracle.

Also, as if there are not enough dorky pictures of me floating around out there, check out this one in today's Deseret News. Fortunately the story is good, even if the pic is scary :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

I am a bad, bad blogger

I've been home from my last jaunt (Nashville) for a week and I'm just now finding time to post. Sigh. I'll try harder to check in now that my travel schedule has slowed.

So how about some Black Friday good news? I learned this afternoon that after two long years on the market, Christmas Jars (paperback edition) has finally hit the New York Times Bestseller list. We'll appear at #24 in next week's edition. It's a humbling, exciting, totally unexpected surprise. It's unusual for a book to hit the list for the first time in its third year. But we'll take it and thank our lucky stars above. (And Someone else above, to be more accurate.)

It's certainly nice to be home. I'm finalizing details for my next book (Recovering Charles) and getting ready to begin writing the novel in earnest. Right now it's a simple two-page synopsis. By April 1st it better be just a TAD longer, or I'm in a boat load of trouble :)

More later...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

You are now free to move about the country

Well that sure was a nice break! After two weeks at home I'm off to the airport today for another trip out west. This time I'll be presenting my "Choose to Serve" assembly to middle-schoolers. It's a fun way to inspire kids to be less selfish and start thinking about others at an early age. (something I wasn't very good at as a kid) I also have a few signings, firesides and a fund raiser.

It's been terrific being home, though I'm not sure it's been fair calling it a break. I've been teaching an early-morning class, answering 763 emails every day, and working with my agent on our new deal. (I did sign up for all this craziness, right?)

Grandma is in town for a month or so and that's a big help for Kodi and the kids. I always hate leaving the gang for these trips, but having another set of adult hands sure makes it easier.

So we're off! I'll try to check in from the road.