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Library Journal Reviews
April 15, 2010

SECTION: REVIEWS; Christian Fiction; Pg. 70
LENGTH: 134 words

HEADLINE: The Cross Gardener

BYLINE: Nanci Milone Hill

BODY: Wright, Jason F. The Cross Gardener. Berkley: Penguin Group (USA) . 2010. c.304p. ISBN 978-0-425-23328-3 . $22.95. CF

John Bevan and his young daughter, Lou Lou, try to heal after a tragic accident takes the life of his wife and unborn child. Struggling to understand God's purpose, John erects a small cross on the side of the road where his wife died. One day, he meets a man painting his wife's cross, and the "cross gardener" eventually helps John see that his wife would have wanted him to live his life and enjoy every moment with his surviving child. VERDICT: This latest book by best-selling author Wright (The Wednesday Letters; The Christmas Sweater with Glenn Beck) is sure to be devoured by his large fan base as well as by new readers who enjoy wiping their eyes while reading a great story.

LOAD-DATE: April 6, 2010

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  1. I found the Cross Gardner thought provoking and inspiring as I found the The Christmas Jars that prompted me to do my own jar and share the book with someone else. Now whenever I pass a cross on the side of the road I say a little prayer for the family of the one who lost their life. It is a reminder of something we don't even stop to think about in our day to day travels