Sunday, February 7, 2010

SnOw SNOW snow!!!!

Everything outside is white, white, white. It is absolutely incredible! So here is a small tribute to the snow.

Snow can be pretty...

It can be heavy...

It can be confusing... why is the snow hanging off the car like that?

but most of all snow can be FUN FUN FUN...

Pilgrim is loving it... he loves it even more when Papa J plays with him.

He really loves it when he flattens Papa J in the snow...

but his favorite by far is dive bombing off the deck... and frankly when this is coming at you... SNOW CAN BE SCARY!!!


  1. heehehehehee!! Looks like fun! Is that a Wheaton Terrier you have? They're so bouncy!

  2. I'm a California girl. . . who just married a Utah boy. He is mightily missing the white stuff. We. . . well, we just VISIT it. Guess we'd better schedule a trip, your 'fun' makes it look almost attractive. Heh. Thanks for sharing.