Tuesday, February 2, 2010

16 years and I finally get the hint...

So as the story goes, for as long as I have been married to Jason, he would always ask for a go-kart on his birthday, for Christmas, for Easter, for Valentine's Day, for Father's Day and if that wasn't enough, he would write it on the grocery list every chance he got. Twice in the past two years he thought he was getting one... only to be disappointed by no go-kart under the tree...

Well this birthday proved to be the right time for me to shock his socks off.

I'm not sure who is more excited, Kason or Jason...

I think maybe I need to turn the throttle down on this little blue devil.

Jadi is being taught how to properly handle a go-kart... I think she keep yelling "slow down Dad."

"Now Dad this is the safe way to drive the go-kart." Notice she is going so slow that even Kason can outrun her... LOL

I'm just counting my blessings that it's not a real car... I have a few more years before that happens.

She keep her speed in check... good girl!

A very happy man!!!

"Faster Dad faster!!!"

Okay now that's my baby in there... slow down a bit...

All in all they had a great time and I am sure we will be getting lots of go-kart riding in in the next few days.