Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'I will pray for them forever'

I say this practically every time I post a new CJ miracle, but this one means something extra to me because it was actually printed in the paper. Hope Jensen would be so proud!

This story was a 1/23/09 letter to the editor in the "Southside Messenger", our local paper.

My husband William passed away on December 7, 2008. I notified Social Security and was told that I was entitled to his November check. The check was never deposited, so I called again. The agent said the check was returned, no reason given, but a form would be mailed out for me to claim the check. No form arrived after 2 weeks so I called again, and was told that I could go to Farmville and fill out the form, and was then notified that it would take 30 to 60 days to receive it. We, as many people, rely on our Social Security check each month. So here I was without money.

On Sunday morning I was leaving for church and found a bag by my car, it looked like a Christmas gift bag. I looked in to see if it had been blown by the wind, but there was a jar and a book. I thought someone left me a jar of candy and a book for Christmas. Upon putting it on the passenger seat I realized it was very heavy. Lifting the jar to see what sort of candy was so heavy, I saw that the jar was filled with money. My heart began to sing. I brought the jar to church with me and showed everyone, but nobody said that they had given me this wonderful present. I will admit that I could not wait until the service was over to get home and count the miracle money jar. It held over $500!

I then read the book and learned the story of the Christmas Jar. It is money saved in a jar, starting on the day after Christmas and then given to someone in need. It is given with love and caring. Of course I don‚t know who gave me the wonderful gift, but obviously God told them of my problem.

So I would like to thank the person or persons responsible and I will pray for them forever.

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  1. Me too - I will pray for them and for her forever. And include you too because you've created a phenomenon of good in the world today. You have helped us discover and nurture that goodness, Jason. God bless you and everyone who does Christmas Jars and all those who receive them. YOU ARE AMAZING!! I cried - I was so happy for her.