Thursday, November 1, 2007

You are now free to move about the country

Well that sure was a nice break! After two weeks at home I'm off to the airport today for another trip out west. This time I'll be presenting my "Choose to Serve" assembly to middle-schoolers. It's a fun way to inspire kids to be less selfish and start thinking about others at an early age. (something I wasn't very good at as a kid) I also have a few signings, firesides and a fund raiser.

It's been terrific being home, though I'm not sure it's been fair calling it a break. I've been teaching an early-morning class, answering 763 emails every day, and working with my agent on our new deal. (I did sign up for all this craziness, right?)

Grandma is in town for a month or so and that's a big help for Kodi and the kids. I always hate leaving the gang for these trips, but having another set of adult hands sure makes it easier.

So we're off! I'll try to check in from the road.


  1. I read your book The Wednesday Letters and finished it last night! I loved it and thought I would put something on my blog about it. I was looking around on your blog and websites trying to find a picture last night, but I didn't comment or anything. I was surprised this morning to see that I had a comment from you!! Does your blog track who visits or how did you get my blog address?

  2. I think you should post your book signing dates and locations, so we know if you'll be in our area!

  3. Thanks again for taking the time to respond on our blog. :) I hope the trip "West" is a good one! And props to you for your efforts in motivating middle schoolers to serve one another and their communities. That is not an easy task! Best of luck to you in all your efforts.

  4. Randa, you can find those events on my other site, :)

  5. Hey Meghan! I track blogs using Google Alerts. It's time consuming, but worth it! I meet some fabulous people. (like you!)