Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it really December?

I woke up, opened my laptop, and had to shake my head a couple times when I saw November 30th on my screen. Where did November go??? For that matter, where did October and September go?

So anyone who's ever heard me speak has probably heard me tell the story of Sherri Durkin. She's a wonderful woman from Tennessee who miraculously received a Christmas Jar last year. It was an answer to her prayers, and it's one of the neatest stories I've heard since Christmas Jars came out over two years ago.

Well now Sherri is telling the story herself! She's featured in the latest issue of First Magazine, available on newsstands everywhere. (Wal-Mart is a good bet to have lots on the rack.) It's the December 24 issue and it has Martina McBride on the cover. Please pick it and learn more about this fantastic woman and her Christmas Jar miracle.

Also, as if there are not enough dorky pictures of me floating around out there, check out this one in today's Deseret News. Fortunately the story is good, even if the pic is scary :)

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