Thursday, April 28, 2011

Announcing my fall 2011 novel: The Wedding Letters

I've been teasing this on Facebook for weeks and I'm giddy-thrilled to finally share the news. My next book is called The Wedding Letters and will hit stores on 9/27/2011.

As you might guess, the book takes us back to Woodstock, Virginia and the gang at the Domus Jefferson Bed & Breakfast. Malcolm and Rain are back, so are Samantha and Matthew. Even better? A&P and all of her eccentricities are back!

More details to come including an exciting and rare pre-order offer. But in the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous new cover and tell your friends. There might be some drama in the Shenandoah Valley on 9/27.


  1. Looking forward to it! The Wednesday Letters was one of my favorites.

  2. Sue S. Dover, NHJune 10, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    My mind often wanders back to the Wednesday Letters. I loved it and I sure am looking forward to The Wedding Letters! Thank you, Jason!

  3. So excited to read this book I just heard about it. Loved your other books