Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some e-mails are meant to be shared

Some e-mails are just too good to keep all to myself. This one will have me smiling for weeks. Hope you enjoy it, too. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

I bet you receive countless stories about Christmas Jars or Wednesday Letters, even about Cross Gardeners. My note to you is different, I hope.

My husband and I love adventure and often find it with our three children in tow. My dearest love had our 2009 summer vacation planned, that meant we were hittin' the road and I needed a good read.

Off to my Wal-Mart I went, and what did I find... The Wednesday Letters! I looked it over, liked what I read and bounced off to buy it. Well, in my mind I bounced off, I forget I'm in my mid-30s sometimes.

Back on June 25, 2009 my husband and I, with our three children, hopped in the truck and headed north out of Georgia. My darling husband had the miles mapped out and reservations set. Our first stop would be Natural Bridge, VA. We love nature and natural formations and a stop at a natural bridge was a must. Somehow we made it up to VA in lightning speed, or perhaps it was simply because I was absorbed with my latest read.

That first night we stayed in Harrisonburg, VA. As I read my novel I became aware, quite quickly, that I was IN my book. It was the oddest feeling. I shared so much with my husband about the novel and the correlation between it and where we were. Little did I know, it would be even more intense for me.

June 26th we woke up ready to take on our next planned attraction. We headed out of Harrisonburg, and with eager anticipation we went on our way to Luray Caverns. As my husband navigated his way I slipped back into my novel, The Wednesday Letters.

Not before long I looked up and found us at an intersection in a cute little town. My husband was unsure of which way to go, and since we are so cliche, he didn't ask for directions or look at a map and I pointed us in whatever direction my woman's intuition led me. We took a left and headed on our way to what we thought was the way to Luray Caverns.

With my book in my lap I saw a sign, OH MY GOODNESS, we were in New Market! Seeing that alone got me revved up and I gave my husband quite the earful with more stories of Malcolm and his trials.

We drove along and then I saw a sign for Mount Jackson. I was close to jumping out of my skin. At that point I could care less about Luray Caverns or anything else going on around me.

We continued to head north and I took in the beautiful vista all around me, I was in the Shenandoah Valley and I was so happy.

I had my book clutched to my chest as we rolled into Edinburgh. I knew in my heart that we were going the wrong way, away from the caverns, but I also knew the name of the town that just lied to the north. I didn't need a map and the feeling I had inside me was indescribable.

I headed into a gas station and asked for directions to the caverns, after hopping back in the truck and telling my husband we had to turn around, I also told him about the story that unfolded right to the north of where we were.

The next town to the north was Woodstock, a town I knew in my head, where I knew about the inn, the residents and the scenery.

As we drove back south, away from Woodstock I felt a peace, because I knew I had already been there, even if just in my mind.

Can we say irony? How is it that just days before my trip through the Shenandoah Valley I pick up a book that is set in that very place? How is it that without even meaning to, we got lost right in the very same area where the book is set?

It's a feeling and experience I will never fully find the words to explain but I think it's one of the most amazing ironies I've ever experienced.

Thank you Mr. Wright, for giving me a reading experience like no other!

Michelle Lynch
Loganville, Georgia

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  1. Very cool experience!! :) I wanted to post something about your new book, The Seventeen second miracle. I was enjoying it so so much and love the idea and what it teaches! There are two precious things that are sticking with me tho, and they have nothing to do with the theme of the book. I just love what they say about...marriage. :)
    You give us a peek into some very private conversations and moments between Jade and Mr. Conner. I love looking into his brain and hearing how one of his goals was to help ignite Jade's love for the written word. Because he knew that had given her joy. That is the essence of serving and loving in marriage. Love is a verb nao e? :)
    But the other thing is just kind of quirky. I love the scene where they are on the porch and he is ... well, I can't even write it. but it has to do with her belly button!!! AAAHH. Anyway, it is so special and personal between them and I am glad you included it in that moment. Way more intimate than all the major clothes flinging and inappropriate behavior you can read about in other books. Thanks for another great read!!!