Friday, July 23, 2010

Win an ARC of The Seventeen Second Miracle

There are a few key moments in the publication of a book that are exciting milestones for an author. One of those is the day the advance copies land on your doorstep. It's not the final book as it will later appear in stores around the country, but it's pretty darn close. These advance reader copies or ARC's are meant to plant seeds, encourage a nice blurb or two, and generally build buzz.

A few days ago a box arrived on doorstep containing a small stash of ARC's of my fall title, The Seventeen Second Miracle. It's a thrill to see the cover and know we're that much closer to the release on September 28th.

So, want to win the first signed copy?

In the comments section below, tell me why you deserve a free book. Be creative, funny, whatever! There is only one rule, your entry must be exactly 17 words long. Please also include your name and city/state.

Winner will be announced Monday July 26th. Good luck!


  1. I luv to read, I luv your books, I spread the word to others. I'd be grateful.
    Liz Frederick Gadsden, Alabama

  2. James Miracle, Seventeen Second Miracle are the only Jason Wright Books I do not have. NEED MIRACLES!
    Patty Byrd, Columbus Oh

  3. I hate to read. I always have. The only books I have read in years are yours! :)

    Alisa Sposato Crozet, VA

  4. I LOVE ALL your books, ALWAYS recommend them to others, winner announced JULY 16? I can proofread!
    Daphne Longenecker (Rockville, Virginia)

  5. I'll be sending out college applications soon, crossing my fingers for Georgetown. I definitely need a miracle!

    Sarah Sullivan (Deltona, FL)

  6. I teach Kindergarten and your books let me laugh, cry, enjoy, love and escape my hectic life.

    Kay Smith
    Round Rock, Texas

  7. I'm your biggest promoter and can't wait to share the story (and certain characters) with my family!!!
    Michelle Denson; Layton, Utah

  8. Nancy Jackson, NJJuly 23, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    17 words only? Where do I start..its not enough words..I need more. OK ...I want....

  9. Roses are red,
    That's true, and- Oh! Gee!
    Your books inspire me
    to be a better me.

    Joanne Anderson
    Long Island, NY

  10. Pam StJohn Glade Spring VA

    Your books inspire me so much and I just lost my husband so I need that inspiration.

  11. I have all of your other books and need this one for my collection! Hugs & Kisses!

    Randa Farnsworth
    Somewhere in Utah

  12. If your looking for lots
    of publicity
    I'll read your book &
    give it for free!

    Chris Lubitz
    Medina, TX

  13. I'm a crazy drunken photographer that is like a drug to you that makes you freakin' happy! ;)

    Maddi Denson
    Layton, Utah

  14. It's amazing how God works through others. I can't wait to hear what happens in seventeen seconds.

    Whitney Bird
    Washington, UT

  15. Need a good book to give 100 of my closest friends for Christmas, this could be it!

    Connie Garner
    Boise, ID

  16. I love your books THE MOST and I give them as gift for every occasion! Thats Right!

  17. My husband died June 2009 from a cat scratch that caused strep/staph infection in his bloodstream, Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria), septic and toxic shock, multi-organ failure, and coma all within 2 days of getting scratched. After spending nearly 2 months in ICU he became our Guardian Angel...leaving me a 34 (now 35) year old widowed parent of now 5, 6, and 8 year old boys.

    Our faith has seen us through this surreal experience. I also stand firmly behind the fact that we prayed for a miracle, but did not get the miracle we wanted. Instead, we got a much bigger and more widespread miracle than we could have ever imagined, in just how many people our story has touched, and how many people (and that's only the ones I know of) have told me they either found, strengthened, or renewed their faith through it all. I couldn't have asked for a bigger miracle in all this! The Grace of God has truly been amazing.

    This past Christmas (6 months after my husband died), I was the recipient of a Christmas Jar and the a lady and her kids...she handed me the jar and said "you don't know me but I know you, and I was there with you the entire time while your husband was in the hospital, and cried along with you when he died" (she is NOT one of the nurses/staff from there, as I know them all) (she would not tell me her name, or how I knew her)! We both were crying and hugging at that time, and then she left...WOW! I have become such a huge supporter and spread the word to anyone and everyone who will listen!

    I love reading your books and would love to hear about other's miracles in their lives! Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story!

    P.S. I love seeing your facebook posts!

  18. I love your books! They are a gift I give every Christmas. Please send me one today!

    Hutto, TX

  19. I have promoted 'The Cross Gardener' all summer, even on Facebook. Me winning would be a miracle!

    Lisa Cratty
    Oakboro, NC

  20. Cheryl,

    My heart goes out to you! What a touching story. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with us. God Bless!

    Lisa Cratty

  21. I could never express in seventeen words
    why winning this contest
    would make me flip over backwards!

    Lisa Cratty
    Oakboro, NC

  22. I have read all your books, which are signed.
    This would continue my collection!
    Please Pick Me!

  23. I'm a mom of 3 rowdy boys and reading is my "escape"! Your books are SUPER FABTASTIC!

  24. it was great meeting you, a hometown boy. keep them coming. they are the best.thank you.

  25. Have all your books, more than one copy in my house. Need a Miracle to complete collection.

  26. Pick me!
    Pick me!
    Not he,
    Not she.
    Pick me.
    What a miracle that would certainly be.

  27. Your books are so uplifting, beautiful and special. I always feel much lighter inside after reading one.

  28. Okay, so I LOVE to make up ditties and rhymes, I got a little carried away, so here are few 17-word ditties of why I deserve a free book...

    I like your books the most!
    I send your books coast to coast,
    I am THE fan!
    Books, books! I love them so!
    I send them to and fro.
    So send me yours, bro!
    Books by Jason Wright:
    Joy, tears, laughter, love, fright
    Lessons learned, some insight
    I need one TONIGHT!!
    Jason, Jason he does toil
    Burning the midnight oil
    If I win, a surprise not to spoil!
    The Seventeen Second Miracle
    Count the words one by one
    The words to me are so lyrical.
    Need I say it?
    Contests, eBay and bidding wars!
    To win I free book I shan’t quit

    Okay, I think I'm finished now.

    Sherry The Crazy Ditty Girl
    Tappahannock, VA

  29. ...and Michelle, thanks for sharing a beautiful story.

  30. Since your father was my best friend all the way through school, it would make me happy

  31. Love your books. Met you in Seattle in Oct 2009. Pick me to win your book Please

    Linda Love, Ogden Utah

  32. I have photos!! Think I should win. :-)

    Just kidding.

    Liam, VA

  33. God here..."I need a copy of your book to see if you got the story straight."

    MtJackson, VA

  34. Would love to have a preview copy of this new book, won't you send me one PLEASE!

    Uniontown, PA

  35. Had to share my story over 17 words, thanks for well wishes, would really love your book.

    Michelle (posted story above)
    Redding, CA

  36. Miracles?!?! Haven't read a novel in YEARS but read FOUR of your books THIS week!!! SERIOUSLY ADDICTED! :)

    Tamara Swensen
    St George Utah

  37. Nine weeks from Tuesday,
    Jason how will I wait?
    An unexpected/personalized ARC...
    would truly be great!

    Lisa Sullivan
    Azusa, CA

  38. Bought TJM when as an author you were new. Will continue the journeys until you are through.

    Kathie Marshall
    Maumelle, AR

  39. I know right now that your book would inspire! I long for positive reading material.
    Cyndee Zephyrhills

  40. Gramma Teetsie ThompsonJuly 24, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    DAMN IT.

  41. Read all other books in the library, TV's a bore, your book would make the summer score!

    Joyce A "The Atomic Mom"
    New Mexico

  42. I Pray for Collin's MIRACLE every second of everyday, Your books Keep me Believing in Collin's MIRACLE...

    Dawn M. Gough
    Grand Junction, Colorado

  43. I drive 17 seconds to my dream fulfilled everyday, and 17 seconds back home to my miraculously blest family. Julie @ Tribeca!

  44. already, lent out all my copies of your other books, a new summer one would be awesome!

    Cassandra Hone
    Aurora, Colorado

  45. My mom's turning 50,
    thinks your books are the greatest,
    know she'd love one of your latest!

    Daniel Sullivan
    Azusa, CA

  46. On the Woodstock Fire-tower I've shared your name; win this Palmdale I'll do the same!

    David W. Steele
    Palmdale, California

  47. Seventeen SeVentEen seventeen SevenTeen SeVeNtEeN sEvEnTeEn SEVENTEEN seventeen
    SEVENTEEN SeVeNtEen SEveNTeeN uǝǝʇuǝʌǝs
    7teen SEvENtEEn 17
    S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N M-E

    ♥E Forman
    Hayden Idaho

  48. Debbi KilpatrickJuly 25, 2010 at 6:30 PM

    Thanks to Glenn Beck, I found your books and have let everyone know about you. Thank-you!

  49. I've been your friend since we were youth.
    Your books are great, and I tell the TRUTH!

    James Marshall
    Little Rock, AR

  50. "twilliams1450"'s my wife,
    Once she reads ALL your books I'll have her back in my life! Please! ;)

    Derron Swensen
    St George Utah

  51. So many great entries! My family has been chuckling all weekend.

    Honorable mention to Alisa, Whitney, Gramma Thompson, Connie and Kathie. But the winner is...

    "I could never express in seventeen words why winning this contest would make me flip over backwards!" Lisa Cratty, Oakboro, NC

    Very clever :)

    Also, I think we were all touched by Michelle Bergeron's incredible story. I'll be sending her an ARC as well.


  52. I'm so excited and honored! Thank you sooooo much for letting me share my story and for the book...I sooooo can't wait to get it! Thanks again! See...another miracle!

  53. I lead the only book club to invite you to visit by late night conference call chats!

    Paulette, Everett WA

  54. Hi, I am an A personality and need to relax, and can't saying anything with seventeen words.

    Carol, Sunbury, Ohio