Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contest winner weekend approaches

Remember when we gave away a trip to VA to spend a wacky weekend with my family?

This weekend we're finally going to welcome the winning couple to Woodstock. Last night I sent Kim an email tying up a few loose ends and asking if they had any special requests, allergies, etc. This was her reply. It seemed worth posting :)


That sounds fantastic. We will be bringing two large steamer type trunks, two garment bags and two full size suitcases, plus assorted carry ons. We can always strap the luggage to the roof of your mini cooper. My husband after all is a fireman and he is good with knots! We are also taking our rat terrier dog Tobi with us. She has a bladder contol problem and needs her meds. We couldn't leave her at home. Does the B&B allow pets with diapers? Also you asked about allergies and stuff...I can't be inside for more than an hour at a time because I a break out in hives. Pete has a clinical body odor problem that he is very sensitive about. He gets nervous about it but we usually carry lots of baby powder and sprays with us. My husband and I are strict Vegans and do not eat anything produced by an animal but I am sure that won't be a problem. We eat a lot of grasses, wildflowers and things you probably have growing around the house. We prefer to be nude most of the time as we are Naturalists but we understand that not everyone likes this so we will keep most of our clothes on. We must be bare foot all of the time though. We have to feel the Earth between our toes. That's okay with you, right? We probably won't be attending church with you as we only worship Mother Earth. As far as the truck can keep it, we'd prefer the mini cooper. It is easier for me to drive. Pete did not think it would be a good idea for him to drive your truck as he has a warrant out for his arrest in Fairfax County,Virginia. Trust us it's no big deal.... Please don't make a fuss over us. We don't require much. We are very simple people.


  1. Wow...they sound like some really interesting people. :0) See you tomorrow!

    Kim and Pete

  2. Jason, just wanted to say thanks for showing my daughter and son-in-law such a wonderful time. Yes, your right, she is a nutcase! Also wanted to thank you for the book you sent to me. Catie, my grandaughter was so excited to get a autographed book from you. She is already starting her jar! Thanks again, and your family is beautiful! Keep on writing!

  3. You're so welcome Mrs. Anonymous :-) They were fun to have in town!