Monday, November 17, 2008

Jason's Cheesy Web Videos - Episode #7

I had the true pleasure today of meeting two of the coolest ladies on earth. Ann and her chum Joyce are on a trip from PA to NC. They took a detour through Woodstock today to see some of the sights mentioned in The Wednesday Letters. I arranged to meet them at Ben Franklin for hot chocolate and a few good laughs. And we had plenty!

Check out this very special episode of Jason's Cheesy Web Videos.

And to Ann and Joyce, in case you're reading this from some hotel somewhere, thanks for the most fun I've had in ages. You're fantastic! (FYI Ann, I still have your lips marks on my cheek!)


  1. Do you find a lot of people taking tours of the places mentioned in Th Wednesday Letters? I mentioned it to someone as a great place to honeymoon, but do people ever visit just because of the literary reference?

  2. Believe it or not, yes! Quite a few people now roll through town. I think the book has inspired lots of curiosity. Not just about locations in the book, but the town in general. It's a unique place.

  3. Sounds like it! I'm in Kansas, but my boyfriend is in Kentucky, working with Christian Appalachian Project. I may have to ask him to take me on a little road trip around the Woodstock area sometime.

  4. Haha! What a couple crack ups those two are! Very funny! You just may have a new reader of your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. I really did enjoy the book!