Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kudos to Wil for a brilliant episode of Jason's Cheesy Web Videos

The good news is I'm home for a couple days. The bad news is I'm home because I'm sick. I picked up a nasty flu bug on tour last week and had to head home from Nashville before my Portland events. Sorry Portland! We're already working hard to get another event scheduled before Christmas. And I assure you that you did not, repeat did not want to see me Friday and Saturday. It wasn't purty.

Hopefully by tomorrow (Monday) I'll be back in tip top shape, because I'm off on a road trip to Boise, ID. Can't wait!

So... I often get asked what signings are like. Thanks to my nephew Wil (aka Wilma, the Wilster, the Wilmanator) we have footage from a recent event in my old stomping grounds of Charlottesville, Virginia. It's not exactly a typical signing because I knew quite a few of the folks already, but it sure was fun.

Since Wil did such a fabulous job producing, directing and editing this, we decided it was worthy to be called Episode 5 of Jason's Cheesy Web Videos. Way to go, Wil!


  1. That was beautiful, Wil! The cinematography was something else! Hilarious. I loved the roaring applause. :)

  2. oh my!!
    yes i loved your book, read it in two nights!
    a wonderful wonderful story--my sweet hubby is reading it next!!
    best wishes to you & thanks for dropping by my blog--how did that happen?

    thanks again

  3. Hey Paige! Every couple days I snoop around to see if anyone is reading my books, and today I found YOU :)

  4. Hi Jason. I don't know if you remember me, but I met you outside the Convention Center in San Antonio. My in-laws and I took a picture with you, and promised we would be back to watch you at 2:30
    You were great, and I look forward to reading your books! I wrote you a letter with that picture enclosed. I hope to get it in the mail soon.

  5. Hi Sarah! I DO remember you and your crazy clan. Can't wait for the picture and letter :)

  6. You were sorely missed in Portland! I was there... you weren't. Sad.