Thursday, October 11, 2007

Howdy from the road

I've been a lousy blogger, haven't I? I've been traveling for almost two weeks and it seems I've barely had time to breathe!

I'm in Salt Lake City today and then I head to Reno tonight. On Sunday morning I fly home for a few days. Wahoo!

We've done a lot of media on this trip, but this article in my local hometown paper really stands out. The reporter nails the essence of the story behind The Wednesday Letters. Click here to read the article in the Northern VA Daily.

Finally, I'm thrilled to announce that you all have helped us remain on the NYT Bestseller List for 4 weeks in a row! What a tremendous month we've had.

More later!


  1. Jason, this is all just amazing. A big congrats on the article in Publisher's Weekly, too. I gave you a shout out about it on my blog. I figured 4 weeks in a row wasn't enough.

  2. Shucks.... we are so going to miss you in SLC. We fly out tomorrow. We are all hoping you make it to Connecticut soon.

    The article is fantastic.

    Great job Jason.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to make a shout out on our blog! (It made my day!) We're looking forward to reading your book. :)

  4. Congrats Jason! We're all rooting for you!